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Trapper John is Florida’s premier rat and rodent removal and control authority. We offer effective solutions to stop and prevent rodent problems for good. Our proven extermination techniques are safe for your family, pets, home, or business.

After 30 years of quality rodent and rat exterminator service, there is no rodent problem we cannot solve! As one of the leading (non-franchise) service providers in this industry, you can be assured that we will safely remove unwanted rodents with quality workmanship and friendly service at competitive prices. We service over 60 locations including Palm Beach, Boca, Ft. Lauderdale, Parkland, Coral Springs, Miami, Clearwater, Tampa and Atlanta.

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Getting rid of existing pests is only half the problem. You want to be sure they and their buddies won’t be coming back!!

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Rodents can cause a real threat to humans. It is estimated that 25%-50% of all fires of unknown origin are caused by rodents gnawing electrical wires. Furthermore, some wildlife carry diseases and parasites that can be dangerous to your health. No matter what your animal problem Trapper John will take care of it. Trapper John specializes in rat and rodent removal and extermination.

Our fully trained technicians will not only professionally repair the damage done to your home or business, they will “animal invasion proof” your building by systematically blocking reentry from the roof to the basement. Not just cosmetic or functional repairs, “Animal Exclusion Repair” is a completely different specialty and Trapper John is the leader. We guarantee our work for a full year. If a critter goes through our system… we’ll re-trap and repair at no additional charge.

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