Armadillo Control

Are you in need of Armadillo control? Are armadillo’s rooting in your yard or garden or digging under your homes foundation? Call the experts at Trapper John to control your armadillo problem.

Armadillos are expert diggers and like to dig shallow holes looking for grubs and worms that live in the ground. They also dig deep holes to live in and birth their young. These holes can be under patios, the foundation of your house, driveways, and near gas a water lines. If they dig to much dirt from beneath the foundation or driveway the cement can crack causing expensive repairs. Their large burrows also attract other animals that are looking for a hole to live in or hide. You can be fairly certain if you come across a large hole with a lot of dirt thrown out it is the work of an armadillo and an expert needs to be called to trap it.

Armadillos are unique animals. The ones in North America are called nine banded armadillos and have a bone like shell that covers their soft bodies. They are nocturnal animals and are often seen at night. However, they can occasionally be seen during the day after a rain storm or if it is cloudy. They will always have four identical young and the adults get about two feet long and weigh about 12 pounds. They are not a dangerous animal and are generally only a nuisance when they are digging on people’s property.

Controlling armadillos on your property can be a daunting task since there are no known repellants that work. Trapping them yourself can also be difficult because armadillos aren’t attracted to bait and are very cautious when something unfamiliar is in their path.

Trapper John has experts that are trained in trapping the armadillos found on your property and locating where they live. We only use Havahart live traps to trap armadillos and relocate them so they will no longer be a bother.  Call Trapper John today and control your armadillo problem.

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