Bee Removal

Trapper John Animal Control are experts when it comes to bee removal in Florida and Georgia. With concerns rising about the spread of the Africanized bee, also known as the killer be, people are taking a more direct approach of removing bees instead of just avoiding them. Trapper John differs themselves from other pest control problems when it comes to bee removal. We don’t just spray and kill the bees we see. We find the hive, remove the bees, than remove the hive to prevent future infestations. We believe in complete bee removal.

There have been several attacks and cases of the Africanized bee stinging and attacking people in both Florida and Georgia. It is very difficult to tell the difference between a regular honey bee or and Africanized killer bee. One of the main differences is the Africanized killer bee is easily agitated and will attack with very little provoking it. By the time you realize what is happening it may be too late.

Experts like Trapper John are trained and skilled to deal with these bees and remove them from your property. When you are in need of complete bee removal call the name you can trust, call Trapper John.

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