Skunk Removal

Why should you call for professional skunk removal?

Well there are many reasons; skunks are a known carrier for rabies, can spread distemper, can give you a nasty bite, and then there’s the most popular reason, the skunk spray that lasts what seems to be forever. If you are faced with a skunk in your home, business, or on your property that you want removed we will humanely trap them and follow all local and state laws to remove them from your property.

Trapper John is trained and skilled at removing skunks and their young that may be trapped. We know the skunks like to hide under sheds, homes, porches, and areas that are hard to reach for humans or the family dog. We seek out their hiding places and capture them safely and humanely.

Our Team will remove your skunk problem and help your family or business get back to normal. When you need skunk removal, you need Trapper John!