About Trapper John Animal Control

TRAPPER JOHN For over 28 years has built it’s reputation by providing : (  HIGH QUALITY PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS PRACTICES WITH HONESTY AND BUSINESS INTEGRITY. )         

Estabilshed in 1988 Trapper John was one of the first Pest Control Companies to specialize in rodents , small animals and animal proofing of homes and businessess.  We focus on where the rodents are entering your Home or Business , and seal their holes to prevent future entry. Then we remove the problem rodents and provide you with a written warranty against re-entry.                                                             

We pride ourselves on quality service so you can ensure you will only get the best from calling Trapper John. Our customers know that we will solve any nuisance wildlife problems, and provide them top quality workmanship and customer service.  We treat your home and business as if it were our own when it comes to pest removal.

Call Trapper John today to take care of your rat and rodent problem. A leading provider in total rat removal and elimination for over 28 years.  1.800.741.2201