Have you ever had an unwelcome guest? Furry friends are often the most unwanted guests. They don’t want to leave and can become a nuisance to us. Even worse, urine, saliva, and feces from animals can cause serious diseases in your home. Additionally, their pheromones can attract other critters into your attic. If you are looking for the most reputable company for Attic Restoration After Raccoons look no further than Trapper Johns!

Trapper Johns provides a complete attic repair service that will restore your insulation and attic space back to its pre-infestation state. This involves the removal of toxic material, cleaning of the affected area, and an anti-microbial treatment that will completely eliminate the active threat to your family. We will make sure your home remains your home.

How it all begins

During the breeding season, animals often nest their young in attic spaces to protect them from predators. We offer humane removal of the mother and her young and work with local rehabbers in order to make sure both mother and child are safe and happy in the wild.

Health Hazards

Raccoons or Opossums can quickly become a problem if they settle in an attic space. Air quality and health concerns can be caused by the buildup of feces.

The rise in energy bills

These areas are key areas for mice and rats to nest and can be a source of contamination. These spaces can cause damage to insulation and HVAC ductwork. This can lead to a breeding ground for bacteria and other diseases, as well as reduce the insulation’s R-value, which can significantly increase your monthly energy bills.

Quality, done right

We not only remove all sources of contamination but also restore the appropriate R-value to your attic for optimal energy efficiency. You won’t see exposed joists if your attic is properly insulated.

We do it all!

The attic restoration process eliminates any risk of disease transmission through animal waste or infected insulation. We remove all toxic and hazardous infected materials and treat the entire attic for viruses and bacteria. This will allow you to enjoy peace of mind and not worry about your family getting any of the deadly and sometimes life-threatening diseases that are carried by rats, opossums, raccoons, or other animals. After cleaning the attic, we remove all traces of insulation and replace them with fire-resistant cellulose insulation.

Attic Restoration After Raccoons

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