Do you have a wild critter stirring up trouble? Don’t panic! We can help! Boca Raton homeowners and Broward County residents count on us to keep their houses safe and disease-free by controlling animals and keeping wildlife out. Trapper Johns Animal Control of Boca Raton can handle your problem by removing unwanted critters! Call us today! If you have an urgent need for Bat Removal Boca Raton services call the most trusted animal control company in Boca Raton, Trapper Johns!

Your attic is a magnet for nuisance animal problems. Many critters (including raccoons, mice, rats, bats, birds, and squirrels) look for a stable Boca Raton home to raise a family in. This would mean that they may end up in your chimney or attic. In addition to staying rent-free, nuisance wildlife also tears open your roof, damages your soffits and eaves, and contaminates your home with toxic droppings. You can rely on Trapper Johns Animal Control to help you with all of your wild animal pest control needs.

For all types of wildlife: both inside your home and out in your yard, our team uses the latest cutting-edge removal and pest control techniques. We utilize the most humane animal pest removal methods and follow all Broward County and Florida State Laws regarding the trapping and removal of nuisance animals.

When a client in Broward county calls us about a bat removal problem, the first thing we do is inspect the space to find out how the bats got in. Once we identify the entry holes that they used to invade your attic, we set up one-way doors at those entry points. This way, once your bats go out hunting at night, they are unable to get back in.

Once your bats have left, it’s important to seal any entry holes so those pests won’t be able to return.

The attic will probably need to be cleaned out and you’ll have to make some cosmetic repairs. Luckily, we specialize in Florida wildlife damage repair services for Boca Raton FL homes. We are proud to provide bat control for Boca Raton FL residents.

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