Bee Removal services are offered by a variety of beekeepers and pest control companies in every area. Here at Trapper John’s, we have the appropriate tools and know-how to effectively remove a swarm from your property. It is not a good idea to attempt to remove bees on your own unless you have a good understanding of their habits and behavior.

Bees in walls can be a unique problem for homeowners. Not only must the bees be removed but the bee hole must be filled in so that other pests will not use it during the next season. Additionally, bees that live in walls can cause damage to your home if you do not treat them. Carpenter bees, for example, drill holes into the wood of your home, causing considerable damage.

A bee colony must live for at least a year before it can produce honey. The amount of honey a colony produces depends on the time of year and the health of the colony. Bee removal services can be broken down into two types: swarm removal and established colony removal. If a colony has been living in a particular location for several years, it is necessary to hire professionals to safely remove them.

Bee removal technicians will be required to wear protective clothing and equipment while removing bees from structures. This includes a protective bee suit, a veil or mask, and protective gloves. In addition to these, they must be covered in protective clothing to protect their skin. Afterward, they will have to repair the structure so that the dead bees and honey are no longer present in the structure. In addition, the hive may attract other pests and should be removed properly.

Our professional bee removal service can help you get rid of a bee swarm quickly and safely. These pests can damage your home and can even be deadly. Our licensed pest management company in Boca Raton will know exactly how to safely and effectively remove a swarm without hurting the bees. Our professionals also use eco-friendly methods to eliminate the swarm safely and without causing damage to your home or property.

You can also apply home remedies to keep the bees away. Garlic has a strong pungent smell and can help to eliminate bees. In addition, a homemade solution containing cinnamon can be used to repel bees. A homemade bee trap can also be used to kill bees.

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