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Trapper John has over 30 years’ experience dealing with unwanted pests in homes and commercial premises in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas. We are members of the Better Better Business Bureau and all our work is fully guaranteed. We offer a free inspection and provide a price match promise so you can be sure you’re paying the best price possible. Give us a call now: (954) 771-9724

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The presence of rats on your property or inside your home can easily lead to a slew of serious problems. Rats have NO RESPECT for property. They chew at everything in their path. Clothing, food, wires – you name it. It’s difficult to deal with rodent issues on your own. Rats are notoriously active after dark. Hear something scratching up in the attic, or within the walls? You may have a rat infestation. Time is of the essence! We have over 30 years experience removing and preventing rodents. We’ve got this!
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