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Welcome to Trapper John Rodent Specialist. We are Miami, FL rodent control experts. Our specialty is rat, mice and bat control. Our special building point-of-entry process is a proven method for permanently solving rodent problems inside Florida houses and buildings. Over 30 years experience! (305) 949-0452

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  • Trapper John services all of Miami-Dade County

  • Call (305) 949-0452 for same-day or next-day appointments
  • Fully Florida licensed and insured.
  • Rat dropping cleanup and sanitation services
  • Professional Insulation Removal And Installation

  • Animal Exclusion Repair Services

  • Rodent proofing repairs

Miami FL Rat and Rodent Control and Extermination

Miami Rat & Rodent Exterminators

Effective, Long Lasting Rodent Control

Trapper John is who Miami residents pick when it comes to rat control and rodent extermination. Whether you own a business, single-family home or are an apartment or hotel manager, chances are you or someone you know has experienced a rat or rodent problem. Your residence may be as clean as a whistle, but those pesky rodents are always looking for food, a nesting area, and the warmth of your property. Rodents are unhygienic and are known to spread germs, dirt and disease.  If you hear scampering at night or rodent droppings, don’t delay. Contact the friendly pro’s at Trapper John. We’ve built a BBB A+ Rating over our 30 years in the business. We’re waiting for your call!

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Trapper John Customer Reviews
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