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Welcome to Trapper John Rodent Specialist. We are Pompano Beach, FL rodent control experts. Our specialty is rat, mice and bat control. Our special building point-of-entry process is a proven method for permanently solving rodent problems inside Florida houses and buildings. Over 30 years experience! (954) 753-9100

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  • Fully Florida licensed and insured.
  • Rat dropping cleanup and sanitation services
  • Professional Insulation Removal And Installation

  • Animal Exclusion Repair Services

  • Rat proofing repairs

Many rats call the lovely city of Pompano Beach home, and at times they do not interact well with their human counterparts. To help protect your home or business from potentially invasive and damaging animals, the rodent professionals at Trapper John offer exceptional rat control services! We have a strong dedication to education, sustainability and utilizing the most modern tools and technology to control and eliminate rats, bats, mice and other rodents.

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Trapper John Customer Reviews
Trapper John Customer Reviews
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