Price Termite & Pest Control is the most trusted pest control company in Florida. Give us a call at the Trapper John office at (561) 844-4866 for any questions about Pest Control, Boca Raton.

They have been certified in both wood-destroying pests and general household pests (GHP) We also have the Green Industry Best Management Practices (GI-BMP) certification.

We have been consistently rated as one of the best pest control companies in the nation because we follow the highest standards. We can provide outstanding pest control services throughout South & Central Florida regardless of your circumstances.

Local Techs that know South & Central Florida

Price Termite & Pest Control of Florida is a local company. Their local presence is not only a result of their extensive training and experience, but they also have the ability to provide pest killers that can be applied locally.

Pest Management Programs

Many pests require regular treatment. We can discuss all options with you and tailor our pest management program to your specific needs.

Regain control of your life

Take control of your property and life. Our certified and insured technicians will provide effective protection and prevention methods.

There are many pests that can cause havoc in your home and business. If you see cockroaches on your property, you will know that they are more than one.

If you have German roaches, don’t hesitate to call Price Termite & Pest Control. If you are experiencing German roaches, don’t hesitate to contact Price Termite & Pest Control.

Complete Elimination Of German Cockroaches

The invasion of the German cockroach forced many Florida residents to face this pest.

Palmetto Bug Control

Pest Control Boca Raton Pest Control Boca Raton

They are less common than German cockroaches. Palmetto bugs are not as common as German cockroaches.

What makes us different from other exterminating businesses

Price Termite & Pest Control believes you deserve the best. We will inspect your home and determine the best way to eliminate it.

Pest Control Boca Raton

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