One or two rats or mice could quickly turn into a serious infestation. We are available to help you at any sign of rodent activity. Trapper John’s Boca Raton pest control specialists can quickly exterminate rodents such as rats, mice, and other rodents from your home. Our friendly, experienced technicians provide prompt and courteous service. We use the latest products and methods to eliminate these pests. Did you know that one female rat can reproduce once every three weeks? It is important to contact professional rodent control professionals as soon as you spot a rodent in the home. Our technicians will set traps and bait the rodents with the appropriate bait to keep them from increasing in number. To prevent future infestations, we inspect your home. Feel free to contact the best Boca Raton rat exterminator at (561) 844-4866 for any questions regarding rodent control.

Here are some things you can expect from our Boca Raton rodent control service:

  • FREE INSPECTION: We will inspect your property and find all places where rodents might enter, nest, or travel through it.
  • TAILORED PLANS: Our analysis provides the basis for a plan that is tailored to your needs and the severity of the infestation.
  • TREATMENT CHOICES – We offer two options: snap traps or rodenticides in bait form. Snap traps are safer for pets and children.
  • MONITORING: We will place bait or traps in strategic places throughout your home and then return to empty the traps until you are satisfied.


While some pests in the home are annoying, rodents can pose serious threats to your health and safety. Professional Boca Raton extermination is a must. You can protect your family and home by learning more about rodents and their habits.

Top 5 signs of rodent infestation: Rats and mice enter homes to seek shelter, food, and water. Even if they don’t appear to be crawling along your baseboards you will notice signs of their presence.

  1. This could be the first sign that you are starting to notice: You may hear scurrying and scratching at night as rodents move in your attic or walls.
  2. Tracks or rub marks: Rodents’ oily fur can leave tracks or rub marks when they are very close to walls and baseboards.
  3. Nests: A rodent’s ideal place to build a nest is somewhere dark and out of the way where they are less likely to get disturbed. You should be on the lookout for small piles made of fabric, insulation, shredded papers, or other materials that mice use to build nests.
  4. Signs that a rodent is gnawing: To keep their teeth clean, they must gnaw. Some of the things they like to chew on can be dangerous to your home’s structural integrity and safety.
  5. Droppings: These are the easiest pieces of evidence you can find around your home. These small pellets can be found in cabinets or kitchen pantries where rodents may have left food. Mouse droppings can also be found under the kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as in cardboard containers. You should always use gloves to clean up rodent droppings, as they can transmit diseases or worsen allergies.


Rodents can transmit diseases by contacting their saliva, urine, feces, or bodies. Indirectly, they spread diseases through insects that have eaten them.


Mice and rats will eat almost any food available. They don’t eat wiring or wood but they do chew them to make nests or sharpen their teeth. A fire can be started by twisted wiring in your vehicle or home.


Even if they aren’t visible, rodent droppings may be present in the form of droppings on baseboards, boxes, or anywhere food is stored. You might hear their movements or see the damage they do to food packaging.


You can keep rodents away from your food by preventing them from having access to it. Store food in sealed containers that they can’t chew. It is important to find and eliminate all entry points for rodents, even if they are less than a quarter inch.


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Feel free to contact the best Boca Raton rat exterminator at (561) 844-4866 for any questions regarding rodent control.

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