Many pests plague Boca Raton. Rats are the most troublesome pest. Rats can be destructive pests and spread disease. The longer a problem continues, the more likely it is that they will return. Boca Raton, FL exterminators are available to help eliminate rats quickly and prevent them from returning. Boca Raton pest control firm Trapper John Rodent Specialists is highly skilled in rat prevention and extermination. We offer comprehensive rodent control with a 100% success rate or we will return again. Call us to learn more and get started with Boca Raton rodent exterminators. For the best rat removal services in Boca Raton and the surrounding area give Trapper John a call at (561) 844-4866.

There’s More to Rat Control Services Than Just Traps

Rat extermination involves more than just trapping. Many people believe that rats only live in the home and can be killed by traps. This is not always true. Although anyone can buy traps at the store to kill specific rodents, the reality is that there are many rodents living on your property. You must exterminate rats from your property and address any openings or weak points that could allow rats to enter your property. This is crucial because rats can be dangerous.

Carry Disease – Rats can carry up to 15 diseases that could be transmitted to humans. If the bacteria is touched or spread to humans, it can cause illness and infection. If the rat is killed on your property, there are more diseases.

Rats Steal Food – Rats are known to invade human and pet food. Any food they come in contact with is toxic and should be thrown out.

Rats are noisy – Rats often travel through walls making loud scratching sounds. Rats are nocturnal animals and may scratch at you right before you go to sleep.

Rats are destructive – They can chew on furniture, damage walls, use books to build nests, and even eat electrical wires, increasing the danger of a fire.

Rats can be a problem pest and could prove to be dangerous. There are many Boca Raton rat control companies that can help. However, to ensure a successful treatment, a team must take their time and use a variety of tools. They should be able to spot any entry. Trapper John Rodent Specialists is that team.

Our Humane Rat Extermination in Boca Raton, FL

Rats can carry disease-carrying insects. They are still animals and play an important role in nature. Our team uses a humane and comprehensive approach to rat control. We want to eliminate rat infestations and reduce their suffering. Prevention is the best way to get rid of rats. All possible entry points must be sealed. Removing and storing food, water, or other things that could attract rats. Seal trash cans to keep rats away from the outdoors. Humane pest management also means eliminating rats as painlessly and humanely as possible. We don’t use poisons to kill rats at Trapper John Rodent Specialists. Instead, we focus on traps that help eliminate rats quickly and effectively. This helps avoid unnecessary suffering.

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