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Trapper John is your leading source for mice control in Florida and Georgia. We have been in business for over 20 years removing rats and mice from homes and businesses.

We don’t come in and just exterminate the mice. We are experts in helping you control the mice from entering the building ever again. We will do a complete inspection of your home or business and determine how the mice are entering. We will then set up a mice proofing plan to prevent future mice from re-entering. In order to properly control the mice that are entering your home we must seal all the holes that they are currently using and future holes that they may use to re-enter. Once your house has been mice proofed we will lay traps to remove the ones that are stuck inside. We will make sure anything we do to rid your house of mice is safe for your pets and children.

Mice control is important for homes and businesses. Mice can chew on wires in attics creating fire hazards; leave their urine and droppings around the house contaminating and ruining walls, floor boards, counters, and other structures in the building. Mice like to find warm places to create their nests. This means the insulation in your attic and walls can be used, clothing in drawers and closets can fall victim as well.

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