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The best form of pigeon control is to prevent the pigeons from nesting in areas they aren’t wanted. Over the years pigeons have become comfortable around humans. Pigeons will nest in small flat areas away from the ground where they feel secure. These places include building ledges, air conditioning units, and window sills. Pigeons will also lay their eggs in the areas that they roost creating more problems.

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The need for pigeon control wasn’t just created because of them roosting around humans. Pigeons are known to carry several diseases increasing the need for pigeon control. Some of the diseases that pigeons are known to carry are: histoplamosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis, and many more that can be transmitted to humans. Problems with pigeons don’t just end there. They can create significant problems in the areas they roost and congregate in. The uric acid in their feces is known to be highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage to metal and other substrates if it sits on there for long periods of time. This can include soffits, air conditioning units, and even vehicles. Their nests and debris can build up and block drains and gutters and cause failures in machinery.

Some of the best products to control pigeons include bird nets, bird spikes, electrical wires and tracks, birdwire, and predator decoys. Bird nets are made out of extremely durable materials and create a barrier to prevent pigeons from nesting and forcing them to look elsewhere. This is one top pigeon control options and is very effective.  There are also ledge options to control problem pigeons like electrical wires and tracks, bird spikes, and bird wire. This prevents the problem pigeons from roosting and nesting on the ledges. One of the last ways to control pigeons is with predator decoys such as a screeching and moving owl. These decoys make the pigeons think there is a real danger and keep them away.

It is best to let an expert control your pigeon problem and place the devices. The Trapper John  technicians excel at dealing with pigeons and problem animals. We will inspect your property, home or business then solve your bird or animal problem. Call today!