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Trapper John realizes a raccoon in your home or business is not the idea situation an have become raccoon removal experts. Raccoons can be messy, damage wires and the structure of the building, and be dangerous. Raccoons also carry many diseases, like rabies, that can be transmitted to humans and pets.

Trapper John Raccoon Trap

These reasons are why Trapper John is here to help you out and remove the raccoon before anything happens. We are experts in raccoon removal and can identify their entry point, safely and humanly capture the raccoon, and repair where they entered to prevent re-entry.

When removing large animals we use Have-a-Heart live cages to trap the animals and safely remove them from your home or business. Raccoon removal is no different. Trapper John follows all state and local laws in Florida and Georgia when it comes to raccoon removal.

Why do raccoons enter homes and businesses?

A raccoon will enter a home or business for several reasons. They could be looking for food, a warm place to rest, or give birth to babies. Raccoons can have 2-4 pups at a time and attics or chimneys are great place for them. Other common complaints for raccoons are knocking over garbage cans, tearing off siding, ripping into floor boards and other areas of the structure to gain entry.

Raccoons may look cute and cuddly but it is important that you never corner them or try to trap them yourself because they are a wild animal and will defend themselves.  If you are faced with a raccoon problem in your home or business call raccoon removal experts. Call Trapper John.