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Are you hearing activity in your attic just before sunrise that wakes you up in the morning ? If so, chances are that you have a family of squirrels nesting in your attic.

Trapper John Animal Control - Squirrel Removal

In need of squirrel removal or squirrel proofing? Call Trapper John today and end your squirrel problem once and for all.

A squirrel in your attic can cause serious problems in your home on top of the diseases they carry. A squirrel can chew through the wires in your attic creating a fire hazard and they create a nasty mess in your insulation with their urine which can stain your ceiling and create a horrible smell throughout the house. Squirrels are also known carriers to several diseases like rabies, tick fever, and Powassan Virus. These are very dangerous diseases and if not treated can be severe and even deadly.

Who should you call to remove squirrels in a home or business and proof the structure so they don’t come back? We recommend you call a licensed and professional rodent removal company. Many exterminators state that they can remove the squirrels but they may use poisons and they don’t seal the holes that the squirrels entered the building through.   Trapper John removes the squirrels that are in your home or business by using Have a Heart live traps and will take it one step further and proof your home or business. We will check all holes that the squirrels or other rodents can enter from and seal them to prevent future problems. We even back our work with a one year written guarantee.