Rats looking for shelter might find their way into your house. Because of their small size and resourceful nature, they are able to find the smallest holes in your home and gain access to the attic or walls. Homes around the community are often being affected by the increasing population of semi-aquatic river rats (or nutria rats). If you are in need of the most trusted company for Rat Removal Near Me services look no further than Trapper John Rodent Control!

Trapper Johns provides services such as rat removal and removal of nutria rats for Boca Raton, and surrounding areas. We will humanely capture, remove and control this wildlife.

Roof rats are smaller than the average Norway rat. Because they are smaller than the typical Norway rat, roof rats can fit in even the smallest of openings and gain entry to any home. These pests are often found in the upper levels and can cause severe damage to your home’s structure, including your attic.

For fast and safe removal of roof rats, contact Trapper Johns immediately if you notice any signs such as scratching in the ceilings, chewing on wires, or making noises.

Rats could pose a risk to your safety and health. Rats can carry various diseases and transmit them through their urine, feces, and direct contamination of food stored in your home. Fleas can transmit the disease to pets and family members if they bite infected rats.

We are Boca Raton’s best rat control company. Not only do we get rid of all the rats in your home but we also make your environment less attractive for any pests that might try to live in it in the future.

Professional Rat Trapping – Boca Raton

Trapper Johns provides humane rat removal services. All Boca Raton rat trapping is done using safe and professional methods. The captured wildlife are then released in a new area where they can thrive.

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