We are Florida’s leading Iguana Control Company. We have the expertise, the wildlife experts, and the staff on-site to manage and reduce the population of green iguanas that live on your property. We serve residential and commercial areas in Florida. With extensive experience in the capture of these pesky animals, you can rest assured that your property is free from invading Iguanas. All of our technicians are certified and bonded to use all the equipment required to get rid of iguanas. We are the ideal iguana control service for homeowners and business owners who are tired of having to deal with iguanas roaming around their property. For any questions regarding our iguana removal services give the Trapper John office a call at (561) 844-4866.


Hiring the right iguana control company can help you keep your property free from invading Iguanas.

Trapper John’s currently offers four preventive and control services. This will ensure that your property is iguana-free.

Surveying Land

Our team will visit your property to inspect it and find any holes that iguanas could use to lay eggs. These holes, which are known as burying spots, are often located near water bodies or sea walls. Uncontrolled iguana populations can spread and cause damage to your property or surrounding greenery. We will also help you maintain the trees on your property to keep iguanas away from them. Iguanas can climb on top of tall trees close to your property. Iguanas can damage roofs by digging into crevices and clawing.


Iguanas are sometimes stubborn and can take longer to get rid of, especially if the Iguanas have learned to avoid humans. Although we have effective traps that can capture the iguanas from invading your property, this is often the last resort option since most of our services are preventative.

Property Protection

We offer total topography protection for your business or home if it is located on large parcels of land. Our technicians will inspect the area and use our monitoring and products to protect your land. You may find many iguana nests in a small area of land. This can cause damage to the vegetation and landscape. We can treat large areas of land to remove the many holes that iguanas have made.

Application of tools

Iguana Control technicians have been trained to install and apply our entire line of iguana products. Our team is trained to recognize signs that indicate the presence of iguanas in their homes and how to detect them.

Anti-Hole Barrier

Iguanas in heat will dig holes in the ground. If not checked, holes can become a network of tunnels or burrows that allow iguanas safely to lay eggs. These holes are covered with vegetation and dirt. The holes dug by Iguanas will be blocked from their entry.

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