Trapper Johns is more than an insulation company. We specialize in attic cleaning and decontamination. Attic cleaning is the hard job of replacing insulation. After removing all old insulation, we perform a secondary clean to the attic to remove any wildlife or rodent droppings. We will then use hospital-grade disinfectant to fog the attic and onto the roof. Natural disinfectants are also available. After cleaning and disinfecting the attic, we install new fiberglass insulation. If you are interested in the best Attic Restoration Near Me services you are in luck, look no further than Trapper Johns!

Contaminated attic insulation can cause many health problems. Rodents and wildlife can gain access to your attic, which could make it very dangerous. Your home may be at risk of toxic contamination if your air ducts are damaged or your insulation is dirty with rodent droppings. Exposure to harmful airborne bacteria can be caused by bats, raccoons, and other wildlife nesting in your attic. This bacteria and dirt can cause undiagnosed health problems, such as itching from flea bites or mites, asthma flare-ups, or worsening of allergies. This is also a risk for those with low immunity such as the elderly and small children.

Your attic is their home. Unfortunately, this also includes their bathroom. These animals do not make good house guests. They will not be considerate or use the bathroom in one corner. Instead, they will likely leave urine and feces all over your insulation. Raccoons and rats both have a wide range of bacteria in their feces making a contaminated attic dangerous for your health. Raccoon poop is a very serious health problem. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover your attic cleaning and attic cleanup. We will also work with your insurance company in order to approve your claim.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our attic cleaning or attic sanitizing service. You can also get a quote over the telephone. To get a precise quote, be prepared to answer some questions when you call. After gathering some information, we will draw a sketch from the county property appraiser’s site and use this to calculate your attic’s size.

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We’ve cleaned up behind RatsBatsSnakesRaccoonsPigeonsBeesSquirrelsMiceSkunks, and more. Put your trust and confidence in Trapper John. We’ve seen it all, and have the experience and professional equipment required to restore your attic to a pristine, livable condition once again. Contact us today!

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